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who plays what in your marching band au


88keysofsadism said: Okay, as a band kid, I have to check how accurate this is…

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OKAY ALRIGHT OKAY so dick is an oboe, which doesn’t march, so during marching season he’s asked to learn another instrument and he goes to sax bc it’s one of the easiest to learn and the hand positions are similar. someone else comes in and beats him out for the spot, though (kaldur probably), so dick moves to pit instead and is surprised to find that he’s got great rhythm and he’s awesome at snare?? (BECAUSE THE SNARE DRUMSTICKS!!! LOOK LIKE ESCRIMA!!!) he winds up as drum major during late sophomore year when everyone realizes how talented and charismatic he is B)

meanwhile wally is a trumpet bc everyone knows that trumpets are the best kissers and he originally signed up hoping to see RESULTS. (he has. the entire flute section can vouch for him.) he’s also that one asshole who “”“accidentally”“” makes some annoying loud sound w his instrument during group warm ups and a few ppl laugh but everyone else gets super pissed off

whenever they’re at competition and dick has to do that dweeby drum major dance with a completely straight face before getting up on stand, wally always tries to get dick to smile even tho they’ll get points deducted. 

they’ll both have rly bad raccoon eyes and sock tan lines frick 

MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH they’ll make out on the band bus all the way to contest and have to share a hotel room at out-of-state competitions (▰˘◡˘▰)


the best superpower tbh


  • silena the tiny feisty daughter of aphrodite and her girlfriend clarisse the giant grumpy teddy bear daughter of ares
  • silena and clarisse growing close over the winters when they’re some of the only kids at camp
  • silena piercing clarisse’s ears one day when the aphrodite cabin is empty and clarisse being a big baby about it
  • silena taking clarisse out into the woods and picking flowers to make into crowns and standing on her toes to place them on clarisse’s head
  • silena inviting clarisse back to her house when she goes back for the weekend and the two of them stuffing themselves with silena’s dad’s chocolate
  • clarisse being able to hold silena back with one hand whenever she gets angry at someone
  • silena giving clarisse pegasus riding lessons
  • silena being the only person clarisse lets herself break down in front of
  • silena comforting clarisse when she gets back from the labyrinth
  • silena being the one who cuts clarisse’s hair short after her time in the labyrinth and purposefully cutting it ragged because clarisse asked her too
  • silena and clarisse going to the fireworks together every year
  • clarisse going back into the woods after the battle of manhattan and picking flowers for silena


Why not a “draw it again”? :)


Oh my God


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